SUSECON Digital 2020
Session ID Session Title PDF Video
BOV1043 5 Ways Companies Are Using SUSE High Performance Computing in AI, Machine Learning and Analytics PDF VIDEO
BOV1058 SUSE Best Practices: Sharing Expertise, Experience and Knowledge for Solution-based Documentation PDF VIDEO
BOV1078 Enabling Business Agility with SUSE CaaS Platform PDF VIDEO
BOV1079 An Introduction to Microservices Architecture PDF VIDEO
BOV1101 Support @SUSE - The Entire Chain from an Incident to a Fix PDF VIDEO
BOV1128 Accelerate Transformation with a Multimodal IT Infrastructure PDF VIDEO
BOV1161 What is your edge? From the cloud to the edge, extending your reach PDF VIDEO
BOV1226 SUSE Linux Enterprise from A-Z PDF VIDEO
BOV1264 The Future of OpenStack PDF VIDEO
BOV1313 Tymlez Blockchain on SUSE CaaS Platfo PDF VIDEO
BOV1327 Lifecycle Management for the Software Defined Infrastructure: From the Far Edge to the Datacenter PDF VIDEO
BOV1443 SUSE Storage Solutions PDF VIDEO
CAS1056 SUSE and Qualcomm’s Success Story with ARM PDF VIDEO
CAS1057 Qualcomm’s Journey with SUSE: The Value of Enterprise Linux PDF VIDEO
CAS1090 Using the Power of Salt Alongside SUSE Manager 3 - Lessons Learned PDF VIDEO
CAS1132 Deep Dive into the Upgrade of SUSE OpenStack Cloud PDF VIDEO
CAS1164 AM General Use Case: New SAP S/4HANA on SUSE Implementation Business Benefits Achieved PDF VIDEO
CAS1172 Software-defined Datacenter Maintenance - No More Sleepless Nights and Long Weekends When Doing Maintenance PDF VIDEO
CAS1219 Our storage journey migrating VMware onto SUSE Enterprise Storage (SES) PDF VIDEO
CAS1229 SUSE Manager at Scale PDF VIDEO
CAS1231 SUSE Raspberry business use cases PDF VIDEO
CAS1256 To GPU, or not to GPU PDF VIDEO
CAS1260 HPC meets SUSE Enterprise Storage at University of Maine PDF VIDEO
CAS1301 The Good, Bad and Ugly of systemd (Using systemd to protect your system) PDF VIDEO
CAS1309 SUSE Enterprise Storage 5.5 for everything: A Case Study PDF VIDEO
CAS1317 Patching at large with SUSE Manager PDF VIDEO
CAS1337 SAP on AWS Architectural Overview PDF VIDEO
CAS1340 HPC Data Management with HPE DMF and SUSE Enterprise Storage - a customer experience PDF VIDEO
CAS1366 Building a National AI & Big Data Platform on SUSE Software Defined Infrastructure PDF VIDEO
CAS1377 Kopano and Ceph - High available - High Scalable groupware & data platform VIDEO
CAS1380 Eating our Own Dog Food: Ceph at Novacoast PDF VIDEO
CAS1390 VMWare to SUSE OpenStack Cloud Migration - Infosys Success Story PDF VIDEO
CAS1403 SUSE Workloads on Microsoft Azure PDF VIDEO
CAS1406 Geekos, Containers, and Clouds.. Oh my! PDF VIDEO
CAS1444 An Early Adopters Story about SUSE Cloud Application Platform PDF VIDEO
DEV1044 Bootstrapping SLES for SAP HANA clusters with Terraform and Salt on Public Cloud PDF VIDEO
DEV1111 openSUSE Kubic - exploring the containerised frontiers PDF VIDEO
DEV1118 DevOps Pipelines on Jenkins-X with SUSE CaaS Platform PDF VIDEO
DEV1141 Package Hub 15: Bridges to Babylon PDF VIDEO
DEV1156 Learn more from your logfiles using Machine Learning PDF VIDEO
DEV1178 Why Developers Choose openSUSE PDF VIDEO
DEV1181 Beyond the Hype: Edge computing in open source PDF VIDEO
DEV1237 OpenFaaS - Function as a Service is the next level PDF VIDEO
DEV1240 The SUSE Developer Program PDF VIDEO
DEV1331 Using Eclipse as an IDE for SUSE Cloud Application Platform PDF VIDEO
FUT1142 HPC, It Just Keeps Getting Better PDF VIDEO
FUT1144 The Power of SUSE Linux for Power Systems PDF VIDEO
FUT1208 Virtualizing the World PDF VIDEO
FUT1210 SUSE Security Roadmap PDF VIDEO
FUT1428 SUSE Cloud Application Platform Roadmap PDF VIDEO
FUT1429 SUSE’s Application Delivery Platform Future PDF VIDEO
FUT1430 SUSE OpenStack Cloud Roadmap PDF VIDEO
FUT1431 SUSE CaaS Platform Roadmap PDF VIDEO
FUT1432 From Zero to the Clouds: SUSE GPU Roadmap and Innovation Strategy PDF VIDEO
FUT1433 SUSE Enterprise Storage Roadmap PDF VIDEO
FUT1434 SUSE Linux Enterprise 15+ - the Future of OS PDF VIDEO
FUT1435 SUSE Linux Enterprise Product Family and Life Cycle PDF VIDEO
FUT1436 SUSE Linux Enterprise Mission Critical Simple Can Be Powerful PDF VIDEO
FUT1437 The SUSE Manager Roadmap: SUSE’s Vision for Vendor-Neutral Infrastructure Lifecycle Management PDF VIDEO
FUT1438 SUSE Customer Center Roadmap PDF VIDEO
FUT1439 Retail Transformation - from the Store to the Core to the Cloud PDF VIDEO
FUT1440 Public Cloud Roadmap PDF VIDEO
FUT1441 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Solutions - Roadmap PDF VIDEO
FUT1442 Networking at SUSE PDF VIDEO
SPO1419 Deployment of SUSE Enterprise Storage in a DELL PowerEdge Data Center PDF VIDEO
SPO1420 Journey to SAP Intelligent Enterprise powered by Dell Technologies and SUSE PDF VIDEO
SPO1421 Non disruptive migration of Ceph storage from community Hammer version to SUSE Enterprise Storage 5.5 PDF VIDEO
SPO1422 Persistent memory in operation PDF VIDEO
SPO1423 Can You Trust Your Cloud? How to Build a Secure Hybrid Cloud with IBM LinuxONE and SUSE PDF VIDEO
SPO1425 Gardener – The Kubernetes Botanist PDF VIDEO
SPO1454 Fundamentals of managing and securing your SLES workloads on Azure PDF VIDEO
SPO1455 Migrating SLES and Enterprise Apps to the cloud with the Azure Product Team PDF VIDEO
SPO1456 Deploy a Modern Data Platform with SQL Server 2019 on the SUSE Platform VIDEO
SPO1457 How to Get Ready for Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory, SUSE SLES 15 and SAP HANA 2.3 Data Management Suite PDF VIDEO
SPO1458 Simple High Availability Protection for Any Application Operating in Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and On-Premises PDF VIDEO
SPO1464 An Application a Year to An Application a Week on AWS PDF VIDEO
SPO1465 Innovative and Powerful Data Integration in today’s complex world PDF VIDEO
SPO1466 SAP HANA as a Service Based on SUSE Container Technology VIDEO
SPO1468 Wipro Accelerates Digital Transformation For A Leading Renewable Energy Company in Europe with SDx OpenCloud powered by SUSE PDF VIDEO
SPO1469 Supermicro + SUSE = Open Source Solution Nirva PDF VIDEO
SPO1470 Running & Optimizing Enterprise Workloads with SUSE on Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure PDF
SPO1472 Managing the Convergence of HPC and AI with SUSE and Lenovo LiCO PDF
SPO1474 Innovative new technologies for SAP solutions included Data Hub from Lenovo and SUSE. PDF
SPO1486 Delivering Swift, Smart and Smooth Enterprise Transformation VIDEO
TUT1025 Upgrading SUSE OpenStack Cloud? Let us take the Strain PDF VIDEO
TUT1028 Oracle products on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 PDF VIDEO
TUT1035 SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Migration PDF VIDEO
TUT1039 SUSE Manager – Under the Hood PDF VIDEO
TUT1046 Secure by default - anti-exploit techniques and hardenings in SUSE products PDF VIDEO
TUT1049 From SysAdmin to DevAdmin with SUSE Manager PDF VIDEO
TUT1052 Let's run GPU virtualization in SUSE Linux PDF VIDEO
TUT1053 Simplifying Pillar Management with Forms and Formulas in SUSE Manager PDF VIDEO
TUT1062 SAP HANA Replication and SUSE HA Security Best Practice PDF VIDEO
TUT1064 SUSE Manager in the clouds PDF VIDEO
TUT1075 SUSE Manager for Retail 3.2 Overview PDF VIDEO
TUT1076 SUSE CaaS Platform: Day 2 - Where Do We Go From Here? PDF VIDEO
TUT1082 Introduction to SUSE HPC Modules PDF VIDEO
TUT1083 NVMe over Fabrics - High performance I/O with existing fabrics PDF VIDEO
TUT1098 Salt xor Ansible PDF VIDEO
TUT1102 Managing and Monitoring Ceph with the Ceph Manager Dashboard PDF VIDEO
TUT1110 Transactional Updates in SLE15 SP1 PDF VIDEO
TUT1119 A demo based introduction to SUSE Cloud Application Platform PDF VIDEO
TUT1130 SUSE Enterprise Storage from Requirements to Implementation - A Best Practice Guide PDF VIDEO
TUT1131 Best Practices in Deploying SUSE CaaS Platform PDF VIDEO
TUT1134 Microsoft Azure and SUSE HAE - When availability matters. PDF VIDEO
TUT1138 Optimizing Ceph Deployments with High Performance NVMe SSD Technology PDF VIDEO
TUT1139 Kubernetes Helm for Beginners - How to use Helm in SUSE CaaS Platform PDF VIDEO
TUT1143 It's finally time for Arm in the Datacenter- and beyond PDF VIDEO
TUT1150 Tuning SUSE Enterprise Storage PDF VIDEO
TUT1151 Simplifying AI Applications with containers and kubernetes PDF VIDEO
TUT1166 Deploy and Scale Orchestrated Container Infrastructures on Your Own PDF VIDEO
TUT1168 Cloud Native Infrastructure, Patterns, and Technology PDF VIDEO
TUT1186 Realizing NFV Infrastructure with SUSE - Putting it all together PDF VIDEO
TUT1195 Solving Hybrid Cloud for High Performance Compute PDF VIDEO
TUT1197 From source to the package PDF VIDEO
TUT1198 Containers Today and Beyond PDF VIDEO
TUT1201 Bringing container security to the next level using Kata containers PDF VIDEO
TUT1220 Automate Security Testing and System Compliance PDF VIDEO
TUT1224 Lessons learned from deploying SUSE OpenStack Cloud and Enterprise Storage in the Public Cloud PDF VIDEO
TUT1225 Looking beyond Linux for IBM Z and LinuxONE PDF VIDEO
TUT1234 Architecting Ceph Solutions PDF VIDEO
TUT1235 Using Veeam with SUSE Enterprise Storage PDF VIDEO
TUT1254 Integrating Identity with LDAP for SUSE CaaS Platform PDF VIDEO
TUT1261 CephFS and Samba: Scale-Out File Serving for the Masses PDF VIDEO
TUT1265 SUSE Architectures for SAP High Availability PDF VIDEO
TUT1266 Secure Modern Application Delivery with SUSE CaaS Platform PDF VIDEO
TUT1268 Stratos: A Rich Web-based UI for Managing and Monitoring multi-Cloud PaaS PDF VIDEO
TUT1273 Containerized OpenStack: Preview Inside PDF VIDEO
TUT1274 Fogger - enabling compute at and from the edge PDF VIDEO
TUT1275 Tradeoff considerations across physical, virtual, containerized workload deployments PDF VIDEO
TUT1287 Monitoring and Data-driven decisions with Prometheus and SUSE Manager PDF VIDEO
TUT1307 Running SAP Datahub on Kubernetes with SUSE CaaS Platform PDF VIDEO
TUT1308 SUSE CaaS Platform as a Service: Deploying on Demand CaaS Platform Clusters PDF VIDEO
TUT1314 Autonomous Driving Development Platform powered by SUSE PDF VIDEO
TUT1338 SUSE CaaS Platform vs SUSE Cloud Application Platform - Technical Tutorial PDF VIDEO
TUT1364 Preventing version sprawl in containers and virtual machines: build and manage your fleet with SUSE Manager PDF VIDEO
TUT1376 Running Ansible within Salt: How to smoothly migrate away from Ansible to Salt PDF VIDEO
TUT1383 Discuss the SUSE and AWS Best Practice when deploying Netweaver + HA on AWS PDF VIDEO
TUT1384 AWS QuickStart HANA Deployment PDF VIDEO
TUT1392 SUSE Worker Nodes on EKS PDF VIDEO
TUT1393 High Performance Computing with SLES for HPC on AWS PDF VIDEO
TUT1404 In-place Upgrades: Get Your SLES12 On! PDF VIDEO
TUT1445 Get Behind your OpenStack and Transform your Adoption PDF VIDEO
TUT1446 Software Defined Networking Deep Dive PDF VIDEO

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