Session ID Session Title PDF Video
BOV-1063 Migrating SAP to the public cloud: The SUSE perspective PDF VIDEO
BOV-1079 5 ways companies are using SUSE high performance computing in AI, ML, & analytics PDF VIDEO
BOV-1108 An introduction to SUSE Global Services: Customized services to simplify, modernize, and accelerate your digital transformation PDF VIDEO
BOV-1125 Building and deploying IoT solutions with the SUSE application delivery approach PDF VIDEO
BOV-1127 What's next for SUSE SDI customers? PDF VIDEO
BOV-1141 Lenovo Intelligent Insights with SAP Data Hub running on SUSE CaaS Platform PDF VIDEO
BOV-1180 Application delivery: Kubernetes Is NOT enough PDF VIDEO
BOV-1201 From Containers to Cloud Native: Deliver Applications Faster to Increase Business Agility PDF VIDEO
BOV-1203 Creating a sustainable open source ecosystem for mainframe through the Open Mainframe Project PDF VIDEO
BOV-1213 Living on the edge: SUSE Enterprise Storage for multi-cloud environments PDF VIDEO
BOV-1218 Employing EPC (Enterprise Performance Computing) in traditional data centers. PDF VIDEO
BOV-1257 SUSE's infrastructure management roadmap: Managing hybrid IT infrastructures from the Edge to the Core to the Clouds. PDF VIDEO
BOV-1260 What's new with IBM z15, LinuxONE III, & SUSE Linux? PDF VIDEO
BOV-1281 SUSE Enterprise Storage Solutions and ecosystem PDF VIDEO
BOV-1283 What is a Kubernetes distribution and why would you want one? PDF VIDEO
BOV-1309 CI/CD++: Extending DevTest pipeline automation to support modern DevOps PDF VIDEO
BOV-1361 Red vs. Green: Similarities & differences explored PDF VIDEO
BOV-1365 Using the Stratos Management Console as a framework for an application and service marketplace PDF VIDEO
BOV-1394 Package Hub: Providing open source, enterprise ready packages PDF VIDEO
BOV-1419 SUSE Linux Enterprise from A-Z PDF VIDEO
BOV-1421 The Multimodal OS platform: How to simultaneously support legacy applications AND modern workloads PDF VIDEO
BP-1059 Automated QA maintenance updates in SUSE Manager PDF VIDEO
BP-1072 Optimizing Ceph deployments for high performance PDF VIDEO
BP-1073 Architecting Ceph solutions PDF VIDEO
BP-1115 Best Practices in deploying SUSE CaaS Platform PDF VIDEO
BP-1122 Best practices for HPC storage PDF VIDEO
BP-1123 HPC performance tuning PDF VIDEO
BP-1132 Content lifecycle management: New approaches in patch management PDF VIDEO
BP-1133 Using Ceph for persistent storage on a Kubernetes platform PDF VIDEO
BP-1138 Securing your application delivery environment PDF VIDEO
BP-1143 How to modernize application delivery in your enterprise PDF VIDEO
BP-1147 SQL Server on SUSE CaaS Platform PDF VIDEO
BP-1169 Best practices for using containers in HPC environments PDF VIDEO
BP-1209 Planning, deployment, maintenance, & operations of SAP S/4HANA PDF VIDEO
BP-1240 Design and Implementation of Large Scale SUSE Enterprise Storage Using High Density Storage PDF VIDEO
BP-1255 Best practices for HPC in the cloud PDF VIDEO
BP-1261 Pitfalls to avoid when deploying SUSE Enterprise Storage PDF VIDEO
BP-1319 Multi-cluster object storage: The future PDF VIDEO
BP-1324 Better together: Automated deployments for SUSE Application Delivery Solutions PDF VIDEO
BP-1351 SUSE High Availability for SAP HANA: Tales from the real world, tips, tricks, & troubleshooting PDF VIDEO
BP-1402 Critical steps for achieving high performance in S/4 Enterprise landscapes PDF VIDEO
BP-1404 SAP High Availability in Azure using SUSE Linux PDF VIDEO
CAS-1080 AWS, Azure, GCP? No problem! Put hybrid and multi-cloud native applications to work on any hyper scaler PDF VIDEO
CAS-1088 Monitoring highly available SAP clusters with Prometheus and Grafana PDF VIDEO
CAS-1090 Migrating from AIX and IBM to SLES4SAP with minimal downtime: How dm-drogerie markt got it done PDF VIDEO
CAS-1150 SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 on SUSE CaaS Platform: Tech preview PDF VIDEO
CAS-1259 Simplifying Kubernetes cluster management with SUSE Manager PDF VIDEO
CAS-1274 Converting from HELiOS to SLES: The GE Healthcare experience. PDF VIDEO
CAS-1306 Productizing container-as-a-service platform in a managed service provider environment - Powered by SUSE PDF VIDEO
CAS-1340 Deploying SUSE Manager to manage 25k nodes PDF VIDEO
CAS-1342 SUSE Cloud Application Platform vs. OpenShift and Cloud Foundry PDF VIDEO
CAS-1369 Don't patch your systems, build new ones! PDF VIDEO
CAS-1395 Converting to SAP S/4 - lessons learned from a customer's experience PDF VIDEO
CAS-1398 Increasing SUSE Enterprise Storage performance on iSCSI for hypervisors PDF VIDEO
CAS-1441 Enterprise-ready Edge: How to run SLES on manufacturing execution system devices with Raspberry Pi PDF VIDEO
DEV-1124 Best practices for migrating applications to SUSE CaaS Platform & SUSE Cloud Application Platform PDF VIDEO
DEV-1158 Accelerate your AI Cloud with SLES: A virtualization perspective PDF VIDEO
DEV-1168 Intelligent British Racing Green. Or how Arm and SUSE can accelerate AI/ML on IoT, Edge, Data Centre & Cloud PDF VIDEO
DEV-1223 How machine learning helps SUSE To evaluate risks of open source licenses PDF VIDEO
DEV-1236 Deep dive into artificial intelligence with SUSE CaaS Platform PDF VIDEO
DEV-1287 Building a Visual Studio Code extension for the Open Build Service PDF VIDEO
DEV-1305 Managing containerized applications in multi-cloud environments PDF VIDEO
DEV-1327 A match made in heaven: SUSE Cloud Application Platform + release pipelines PDF VIDEO
DEV-1347 Using test-driven development to boost your infrastructure-as-code strategy PDF VIDEO
DEV-1359 An introduction to Edge computing. PDF VIDEO
DEV-1384 Ceph Security: Insights into setup requirements, attack vectors and pitfalls No PDF Available VIDEO
DEV-1393 Managing microservice applications with Istio: Connect, secure, collect metrics and monitors applications in a complex environment PDF VIDEO
FUT-1137 SUSE Container and Application Platforms: What's next? PDF VIDEO
FUT-1167 Roadmap: SUSE Enterprise Storage PDF VIDEO
FUT-1230 Artificial intelligence at the speed of excellence: Roadmap & vision PDF VIDEO
FUT-1311 SUSE Container and Application Platforms: Future Vision PDF VIDEO
FUT-1346 SUSE security & certifications: A high-level overview PDF VIDEO
FUT-1349 Hyper-converged infrastructure the open source way PDF VIDEO
FUT-1434 SUSE Cloud Solutions roadmap PDF VIDEO
FUT-1435 The future of OS: SUSE Linux Enterprise roadmap PDF VIDEO
FUT-1436 SUSE's roadmap for Edge computing No PDF Available VIDEO
FUT-1438 The SUSE high performance computing roadmap PDF VIDEO
FUT-1439 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications: The road ahead PDF VIDEO
FUT-1440 The SUSE Manager (+ Retail) roadmap: IT infrastructure lifecycle management for everyone PDF VIDEO
GS-1 Keynote: Melissa Di Donato: SUSE's Strategy and Commitment to Customer Success No PDF Available VIDEO
GS-2 Keynote 2: Thomas Di Giacomo: Engineering and Innovation Keynote No PDF Available VIDEO
GS-3 Keynote 3: Paul Devlin: Achieving Customer Success No PDF Available VIDEO
GS-4 Keynote: Industry Insights - Accenture: Moritz Hagenmüller and Melissa Di Donato No PDF Available VIDEO
GS-5 Keynote: Industry Insights - Dell: Marc O'Regan and Thomas Di Giacomo No PDF Available VIDEO
GS-6 Keynote: Industry Insights - Fujitsu: Fleur Copping and Melissa Di Donato No PDF Available VIDEO
GS-7 Keynote: Industry Insights - Microsoft Azure: Arpan Shah and Thomas Di Giacomo No PDF Available VIDEO
GS-8 Keynote: Industry Insights - SAP: Uwe Grigoleit and Melissa Di Donato No PDF Available VIDEO
GS-9 Keynote: Industry Insights - ZAMG: Gunther Tschabuschnig and Melissa Di Donato No PDF Available VIDEO
GS-10 Keynote: Industry Insights - Deloitte Garage: Daniel Koennecke and Melissa Di Donato No PDF Available VIDEO
GS-11 Keynote: Industry Insights with Elektrobit: Alexander Kocher and Melissa Di Donato No PDF Available VIDEO
GS-12 The Executive Perspective: Melissa Di Donato - SUSE No PDF Available VIDEO
GS-13 The Executive Perspective: Thomas Di Giacomo and Daniel Nelson - SUSE No PDF Available VIDEO
GS-14 The Executive Perspective: Günther Tschabuschnig - ZAMG No PDF Available VIDEO
GS-15 The Executive Perspective: Julie Baldwin - SUSE and Mikhail Prudnikov - AWS No PDF Available VIDEO
GS-16 The Executive Perspective: Marc O'Regan - Dell Technologies No PDF Available VIDEO
GS-17 The Executive Perspective: Alan Clark - SUSE No PDF Available VIDEO
GS-18 The Executive Perspective: Vicente Moranta - IBM No PDF Available VIDEO
GS-19 The Executive Perspective: Glenn Fitzgerald - Fujitsu No PDF Available VIDEO
GS-20 The Executive Perspective: Alexander Kocher - Elektrobit No PDF Available VIDEO
GS-21 The Executive Perspective: Rachel Cassidy - SUSE No PDF Available VIDEO
HOL-1057 Hands-on With SLE 15 PDF VIDEO
HOL-1060 Designed for Uptime: Hands-on high availability lab for SAP HANA on AWS PDF VIDEO
HOL-1064 SAP HANA scale-out with high availability NFS using DRBD PDF VIDEO
HOL-1109 Patching systems using content lifecycle management in SUSE Manager 4 PDF VIDEO
HOL-1111 Introduction AND step-by-step instructions for an automated SUSE CaaS Platform installation, and installation and operation of applications in the Kubernetes Cluster PDF VIDEO
HOL-1113 A hands-on introduction to Cloud Foundry & SUSE Cloud Application Platform PDF VIDEO
HOL-1135 Simplify HANA configuration & updates with SAP HA and HANA update wizard PDF VIDEO
HOL-1139 Tales from the field: Securing your SUSE CaaS 4 Platform environment No PDF Available VIDEO
HOL-1174 Application delivery basics with SUSE Cloud Application Platform PDF VIDEO
HOL-1225 High Availability for SAP application servers using ENSA2 enqueue replication. PDF VIDEO
HOL-1289 Introduction to Kubernetes PDF VIDEO
HOL-1304 How to create your cloud native applications - offline PDF VIDEO
HOL-1313 Tame your virtual machines using SUSE Manager PDF VIDEO
HOL-1410 Secure your application on SUSE CaaS Platform with Cilium PDF VIDEO
HOL-1443 Hands-on machine learning with SUSE High Performance Computing PDF VIDEO
SPO-1448 Going Green with SUSE and IBM Z and LinuxONE No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1449 Linux Enablement on HPE ProLiant Servers No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1465 SAP HANA on POWER: New Innovations to blow you away No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1468 The easy way to achieve near-zero downtime for SAP No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1469 HPE and SUSE for SAP HANA mission critical environments No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1471 Running Machine Learning workloads on Kubernetes/SUSE CaaS Platform with SAP Data Intelligence No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1472 Machine Learning Infrastructure on Dell PowerEdge Servers, Kubeflow, SUSE Enterprise Storage, and SUSE CaaS Platform No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1473 SQL Server in SUSE ecosystem –SQL server 2019 improvements No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1474 HPC + AI for everyone - with Microsoft Azure No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1476 Automated Manufacturing Purchasing Process - SAP Data Hub on SUSE CaaS & SAP Hybris on Azure Use Case No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1477 Building the digital platform with Fujitsu to support the SAP Intelligent Enterprise Strategy running on SUSE No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1478 Accelerate and Simplify Running Enterprise Workloads, Including SAP S/4HANA, on SLES on Nutanix HCI No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1479 Deployment of SUSE Enterprise Storage on DELL PowerEdge Servers No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1480 Your Multi-Cloud Analytics Data Pipeline with SAP Data Hub No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1481 Deliver business agility with SAP S/4HANA and SAP’s Business Technology Platform No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1482 Building a Netweaver solution on AWS with SLES for SAP No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1484 Manage Your Servers Anywhere with Azure Arc No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1498 Securing SUSE Linux Enterprise against zero-day cyber-attacks No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1499 How to secure your containerized and Kubernetes based workloads No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1500 Choosing the Best SAP High Availability Configuration to Meet Your Needs No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1501 Software-Defined Storage (Enterprise Storage Solution) No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1502 Supermicro – SUSE Artificial Intelligence No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1503 SUSE CaaS Platform 4.0 No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1504 SUSE and the Value of the Channel No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1505 Containers & Kubernetes The Ingram Micro Way No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1506 Building a Self Healing System With SaltStack No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1507 Solving Cybersecurity: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Hackers No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1510 SEP Backup with SUSE just runs! A strong team for data protection! No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1512 Security and Configuration Automation with AD Bridge No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1513 Threat Hunting in Action: Detecting the Unknown No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1518 Accelerate Application Self-Service and Lifecycle Management with Nutanix Calm No PDF Available VIDEO
SPO-1520 Lenovo & SUSE Better Together: Doing business with us (Partner Centric) No PDF Available VIDEO
SUP-1086 Managing & Monitoring Ceph with the Ceph Dashboard PDF VIDEO
SUP-1093 SUSE Enterprise Storage from design to implementation PDF VIDEO
SUP-1252 Set up, secure, & support your SAP environments with SUSE Manager PDF VIDEO
SUP-1312 Improving software-defined-storage outcomes through telemetry insights PDF VIDEO
SUP-1382 Microsoft & SUSE co-present: The seamless collaborative support model for SUSE workloads on Azure PDF VIDEO
TUT-1041 openSUSE Kubic, YOMI, & kubic-control PDF VIDEO
TUT-1082 Talk to an expert: SAP in the cloud PDF VIDEO
TUT-1085 Running Ansible within Salt: How to smoothly migrate away from Ansible to Salt PDF VIDEO
TUT-1089 Managing Linux in the cloud with SUSE Manager PDF VIDEO
TUT-1092 Bootstrapping SLES for SAP HANA & NetWeaver clusters with Terraform & Salt on public clouds PDF VIDEO
TUT-1102 SUSE® Maintenance & Long Term Service Pack Support PDF VIDEO
TUT-1103 Secure by default: Anti-exploit techniques and hardenings in SUSE products PDF VIDEO
TUT-1119 Public Cloud Hopscotch - a discussion of issues related to moving applications to the public cloud. PDF VIDEO
TUT-1121 Ceph in a Windows world PDF VIDEO
TUT-1126 A demo based introduction to SUSE Cloud Application Platform PDF VIDEO
TUT-1146 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server: Upgrades & Migrations PDF VIDEO
TUT-1153 kubectl introduction for console hackers PDF VIDEO
TUT-1179 Securing server applications using AppArmor PDF VIDEO
TUT-1187 Self-driving Kubernetes clusters: Reacting to external stimulus PDF VIDEO
TUT-1208 Containers today And beyond PDF VIDEO
TUT-1210 Why another OS for the Internet of Things? PDF VIDEO
TUT-1212 Running SAP Data Hub on Kubernetes with SUSE CaaS Platform PDF VIDEO
TUT-1214 Extending SUSE HPC to create an AI/ML platform PDF VIDEO
TUT-1226 SAP HA on SUSE: All you need to know PDF VIDEO
TUT-1233 SUSE Manager for Retail 4 overview PDF VIDEO
TUT-1234 Manage KVM guest and host with SUSE Manager PDF VIDEO
TUT-1278 SLES 15 SP2 - What's coming? PDF VIDEO
TUT-1294 Container networking: From the shallow end to the diving pool PDF VIDEO
TUT-1299 Getting started with containers on SUSE: Packaging & deploying your first application PDF VIDEO
TUT-1363 Prometheus, Grafana & SUSE Manager 4: How to securely automate the configuration of monitoring on large environments PDF VIDEO
TUT-1376 Kernel live patching methodology PDF VIDEO
TUT-1383 Free as in speech, free as in beverage, free as in puppy: Why pay for something that's free?!? PDF VIDEO
TUT-1386 What makes SUSE so special? Join this session to learn about BTRFS, Live Patching, YaST, modularity, and more PDF VIDEO
TUT-1389 SLE Container Images! Everything you need to know about PDF VIDEO
TUT-1396 "Day 2" Operations of SAP HANA Cluster using SUSE High Availability on Public Cloud No PDF Available VIDEO
TUT-1406 Achieving near-zero downtime for SAP systems PDF VIDEO
TUT-1407 An introduction to Stratos: The hybrid cloud management solution PDF VIDEO
TUT-1418 openSUSE Leap to SLES: More than the sum of its parts... PDF VIDEO
TUT-1424 How you can contribute to high quality enterprise Linux documentation: Processes & tools PDF VIDEO

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