SUSECON Digital 2021 keynotes will feature SUSE executives with key customers and partners as they discuss how SUSE helps them innovate everywhere. Hear from customers Hypergiant, Walgreens, Absa, US Navy, Elektrobit, Booz Allen, and ZAMG about their unique challenges and how SUSE is helping them transform in their respective industries. Then tune in to conversations with executives from Dell, Fujitsu, HPE, Microsoft and SAP as they discuss our key initiatives that drive digital transformation.

Keynote Features

Melissa Di Donato

Welcome to SUSECON
Melissa Di Donato
Chief Executive Officer

Sheng Liang

SUSECON Opening Keynote:
Driving Customer Innovation

Sheng Liang

Markus Noga Vojtech Pavlik

Linux World Keynote:
Innovating with Linux

Markus Noga and Vojtech Pavlik

Will Chan

Kube World Keynote:
Innovating with Kubernetes

Will Chan

Thomas Di Giacomo Keith Basil

Edge World Keynote:
Innovating at the Edge

Thomas Di Giacomo and Keith Basil

Guest Speaker

Captain Kelly Scott

Captain Scott Kelly
NASA Astronaut

The Sky Is Not The Limit:
Lessons From A Year In Space

Microsoft Azure

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